High-quality, mutually beneficial transactions.

Kestrel is open to a wide range of investment opportunities. Our investments are structured to fit the opportunity which dictates our flexible investment structure. This includes control investments, minority investments, preferred stock, straight equity, quasi equity, subordinated debt (with equity), mezzanine financing, and senior debt.


Areas of Focus

  • Operational improvements

  • Infrastructure development

  • Marketing

  • Acquisitions

  • Product development

  • Increasing sales

Kestrel’s focus is lower middle market to middle market investments with the intention to bring opportunities for growth and value creation. Trust and integrity is emphasized when engaging with management teams. At Kestrel, we aim to grow our portfolio companies with innovation, discipline, and experience. 

Kestrel employs patient family capital along with other institutions to co-invest alongside entrepreneurial management teams. To fund our investments, our investment range is as small as $1 million, and as large as $200 million. Kestrel has long and strong relationships with other industry specialists to support all aspects of the investment from sourcing, financing, subsequent management, and closing. 

Kestrel is equipped to help organizations with advising and valuation. By combining an understanding of our client’s company, the industry, and the today’s market, Kestrel helps our client execute their strategies. 

Target Industries

  • Service

  • Standard Manufacturing

  • Commercial and industrial real estate

  • Distribution

  • Healthcare

Kestrel has the expertise to achieve successful investments in many different market sectors. We distinguish ourselves through operating and investing experience. Innovative and creative investment capital solutions are prioritized to ensure success. Kestrel aims to establish a specific strategy for each unique situation. An aggressive growth pattern allows Kestrel to focus on long term initiatives. We work closely with portfolio companies to improve operations and achieve superior business performance. Kestrel augments our relationships and expertise to improve companies. 

We will consider a range of industries for potential investments. We will find deals where our partnering brings value-added growth and returns. Our goal is to structure a transaction that will be beneficial to all parties involved. A long-range vision, and short-range focus, allows our team to obtain integrity and concentration throughout the investment process.  

Hands-on involvement is crucial for the success at Kestrel Capital. We will be involved with the management team of portfolio companies to determine strategic priorities.